A bottleneck is a point of congestion where weakness in one part of a workflow ruins the shit for all the goodness everywhere else.

While I have the upload speed to stream 5000+kbps, many viewers can’t handle that.

According to Netflix, none of them can.

I took a look at my Twitch stats page and made a spreadsheet comparing the location and quantity of my viewership since March, 2017.

I then went to the Netflix country data and made the chart above of all the real countries that watch me.

Netflix did not have stats for:

  • Ukraine
  • Serbia
  • Croatia
  • Korea

The lowest common denominator was the Phillipines, with a download speed of approximately 2340kpbs.

So that should probably be my target bitrate for streams I want to be fully-inclusive with.

(Incidentally, I do not always want to be that. I sometimes prefer higher bitrates so my youtube videos will look better, for example.)

I have already made a chart with resolution, frame-rate, and acceptable bitrate here.

According to that chart, 720p25 @ a video bitrate of 2304 should be suitable for most viewers.