Here are some of the important conditions in Verizon`s customer agreement. Our fees may also include federal universal service, regulatory and management charges, and we may also include other costs related to our public costs. We have set those fees; They are not taxes, they are not taxed by law, they are not necessarily tied to everything the government does, we hold them in whole or in part, and the amounts and what they pay can change. For more information, see: We also purchased and added three Verizon Gizmo Watch devices so our kids can stay in touch with us. The cost indicated by the salesperson was $30 per phone line, $5 per month for each Gizmo device and $35 per month for our Galaxy S9 devices, for a total of about $150 to $160 per month. Verizon considers its network to be the best among mobile operators for calls, SMS and data transfers. Their assertion is supported by independent testing, including the most referenced tests conducted annually by RootMetrics, which announced in 2019 that Verizon was the leader in all major reliability categories, including overall performance, network reliability, network speed, data power, call power and text power. If you are a prepaid customer, you can replenish your balance at any time before the expiry date by providing us with another payment. If you manage a prepaid account, it must not exceed $1,000 and you may be prevented from replenishing when your balance reaches $1,000. We can apply your payments to any amount you owe us if your previous account filling payments have been cancelled. If you do not have enough credits in your account to cover your service and sufficient funds are not added within 60 days, your account will be terminated and unused balances will expire. No problem – just tell us by phone, in person or in writing.

You can appoint someone to manage your Postpay account. The person you designate (the Account Manager) may make changes to your account, including adding new service lines, purchasing a new wireless device based on a payment contract for your device based on your credit history, billing certain services and accessories to your account, and extending the duration of your contract.