Registering a vehicle in Indiana is not difficult if you follow the established procedures. If you recently moved to Indiana, the law gives you 60 days to register the vehicle and get license plates. Otherwise, you are in violation of the state`s motor vehicle laws. Generic Purchase Agreement – A general proof of purchase that can be used for the sale of any type of item that does not require special registration (for example. B, clothing, furniture, electronics, kitchen utensils, antiques and collectibles). In almost all states, the buyer`s signature is not mandatory. However, you will be better protected from legal problems if all parties sign the form. As an additional security measure, you can ask one or two people to observe the process and sign the purchase contract. Sale of Boat/Vessel License – Used to provide proof of purchase and to prove a change of ownership of a ship/boat. Step 4: Choose how the buyer buys the motor vehicle and for what amount. They usually state that the buyer is buying the property in a “is” state and is responsible for it once the purchase is complete.

If you are currently a resident of the state of Indiana, you have 31 days to register your vehicle, but they are not allowed to place it on indiana state roads, roads, or highways without being registered, whether you purchased it from a dealer or an individual. If you`re new to the state of Indiana, you have 60 days to register in the state and purchase new license plates. As long as a new resident has registered a vehicle in another state during this period and all information and license plates are up to date, you have up to 60 days to register. After the 60th day, you are in violation of the state`s vehicle registration laws. Contracts for the purchase of motor vehicles in Indiana must be notarized if they are required in a transaction. If you choose not to use the form provided by the state, you can create your own forms. Regardless of your preference, all vehicle registration documents should include the following: Enter the date of the transaction and specify the total price to be paid for the vehicle. You must also specify the method of sale that the buyer will choose: An Indiana Purchase Agreement form documents the official sale of personal property in the state of Indiana and can be used as proof of ownership. There are several types of purchase contracts, including those specifically used for the sale of vehicles, boats and firearms. Some Indiana purchase agreements require a notarized stamp before they can be signed and made legally binding. You must present yourself in person at one of IN BMV`s offices across the country.

However, the state allows online registration of motor vehicles if you meet certain conditions. For example, you need to provide all the important documentation and complete the process in 45 days. After this period, you must go in person to the offices of the vehicle service. You must also provide all the details of the title, your driver`s license and the registration fee. When you show up at the offices, you should include the following: In addition to creating a purchase agreement, there are several other steps to register and name your vehicle or ship in Indiana. Here`s a detailed list: Purchase contracts are not required for vehicle and ship transfer transactions in Indiana, although the state`s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), which handles paperwork for both, offers an official form, Form 44237, if required. The document is used in some title transfers, for example. B for example when no title is available and it cannot be retrieved. In such a situation, a purchase contract is required.

An Indiana Motor Vehicle Deed of Sale (also known as Form 44237 (R4/7-17)) is a legally binding document that vehicle buyers and sellers complete as witnesses that a transaction has taken place between them. Indiana law does not require both parties to notarize a purchase contract form. However, if notarization is required, both parties do not have to sign it before going before a notary for identity verification. In addition, the invoice is useful to prove that the seller has transferred ownership of the motor vehicle to the buyer. Deed of Sale of Firearms – This document is used to sell, buy and transfer ownership between an arms dealer and individuals or individuals. The Indiana Vehicle Bill of Sale Form 44237 is a legal document that is completed between the seller and buyer of a vehicle to provide proof that a legal vehicle purchase transaction has taken place. This document swears to the seller on the validity of the sale of the vehicle and can be used at the time of registration as proof of change of ownership. This document does not require certified certification.

Finally, indicate whether the acquisition cost includes all applicable taxes. Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement – A proof of purchase that records the sale of a motor vehicle to a new owner. You must complete the motor vehicle purchase agreement information on Form 44237. In addition, the contract for the sale of motor vehicles should bear the legal names and addresses of the seller and the buyer. It must also include the vehicle`s VIN, year of manufacture, purchase price and date of sale. An Indiana sales agreement describes the sale of an item purchased from a private seller without a license. The completed document contains the purchase price, the date of transaction, a description of the item, as well as the contact details and signatures of the parties. If the item sold is a motor vehicle or a boat, the identification number, year, make and model of the vehicle must also be indicated. The execution of a purchase contract protects the buyer and seller from any liability for the ownership and purchase of the item.

In addition, the document is accepted as proof of ownership for the registration and naming of second-hand vessels on behalf of the buyer. If you want to register a vehicle in person, the process takes 31 days. During this time, you will not be able to drive the motor vehicle in the state, whether you purchased it from a dealer or an individual. Keep in mind that it is mandatory to register your vehicle in person only if you purchased it more than 60 days after the current date. Step 2: Enter the specifics of each party (buyer and seller): Indiana Purchase Agreement Templates – Consider several other purchase agreements used in the state of Indiana. In most states, a purchase contract document may be requested upon transfer of ownership, so the buyer must have the original. As a seller, you can either make and save a copy or have two identical documents signed and completed by both parties. The same form issued by the government is available on BMV`s website for vessel sales. Again, you have the option to create your own boat sales license instead. As mentioned above, all purchase agreements should list the following: Indiana purchase agreement forms are legal documents used between a seller and a buyer to prove a sale.

These forms can also prove a change of ownership and sometimes require a notarized mention. Use our Indiana Deed of Sale to record the sale of an item and protect buyers and sellers. Where to register – Vehicles in Indiana can be registered online or in person as long as when you register online, you have all your documents and complete your registration within 45 days. After 45 days, you must come in person to the IN BMV. To apply online, you must be able to provide your title information, Indiana driver`s license, proof of auto insurance, and payment of your registration fee. Step 1 – Vehicle Information – Download the document and enter the following information if necessary: If the state requires a purchase contract to facilitate a transaction, a copy must be presented to the BMV and a courtesy copy must be provided to both the seller and the buyer. If the purchase contract is not deemed necessary, a copy is sufficient for each party. General Purchase Agreement – This form is usually used between two private parties to prove the sale of personal property. Required for registration – To apply online, you must be able to specify the following: Below you can see the written instructions using the form created by our team (here you can get even more purchase contracts for different occasions in life). . . .