Qatar and the United States signed a maritime agreement on Tuesday as part of the executive agreement between their defense ministries. The United States and Qatar discussed efforts to improve military relations, including defence doctrine and strategy, security assistance and training, and military information. Both governments welcomed the ongoing and strong and sustainable bilateral security partnership and are expected in the years to come. The United States has $25 billion in government-to-government business with Qatar under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) system. The sales of SGF reported to Congress are listed here, and the most recent and significant previous sales include: F-15QA fighter jets and related weapons packages and basic construction programs, APACHE AH-64E attack helicopters, large infrastructure substructurable systems (LAIRCM), upgrades for the Qatari Emirati Air Force Air Operations Centre (QEAF), Mk-V Fast Boats Patrol, C-17 aircraft, missile defense systems. As highlighted in the January 2019 Joint Declaration on Strategic Dialogue between the United States and Qatar, the United States and Qatar have highlighted the decisive contribution of their defence partnership to the security and stability of the region. This strong and lasting partnership is the key to the success of the fight against terrorism, the fight against violent extremism and the deterrence of external aggression. The agreement will help promote interoperability, support regional stability and reaffirm defence relations between the United States and Qatar. It is also a positive step towards the final formalization of Qatar`s commitment to support the sustainment and future costs of infrastructure within AUAB, which the State of Qatar proposed during the first strategic dialogue between the United States and Qatar in January 2018. According to the Qatari news agency QNA, the agreement concerns naval activities and port calls to the State of Qatar. Since 2014, the United States has also authorized the permanent export of more than $2.8 billion worth of defense items to Qatar through the Direct Commercial Sales Process (DCS).

The most important categories of DCS to Qatar are: military electronics, aircraft and fire/night vision control. Qatar has purchased nine C-17 transport aircraft via the DCS system. In addition, Qatar has been a reliable beneficiary of DCS and SGF, such as their 100% favorable rate for blue End Lantern Use Monitoring (EUM) controls for DCS (well above the global average of 75%) 2000. and a SATISFACTORY evaluation for the Golden Sentry EUM monitoring programme. The United States and Qatar are working together towards the common goal of a stable, secure and prosperous Middle East. Qatar is also an important U.S. partner in a wide range of regional security issues, a member of the World Coalition for ISIS, and provides a critical base for assistance to U.S. military operations throughout the Middle East. The United States is cooperating with Qatar and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council to strengthen cooperation on border security, maritime security, military readiness, arms transfer, cybersecurity and counterterrorism issues.