Marilyn Ramirez, a chapter principal and teacher at the special bilingual school at Washington Heights High School of Media Communications, said Friday that her colleagues` group chat “started” with happy texts about the new deal — especially the ability to work from home when students are also at home. Overall, she felt the agreement was an indication that city officials were “listening now.” Does the agreement of 25.09.20 change my right to do my preparation time remotely? These accommodations are only considered in schools which, under the agreement, are to occupy more full-time apprenticeship positions. I am concerned that this year my ELL are not receiving their prescribed bilingual and/or ENL courses during Blended instruction and remotely. “The DOE will order school leaders that all employees represented by the UFT in all professional designations who do not have on-site assignments or responsibilities will have the opportunity to work remotely,” the union said in a letter to members Friday. About 540,000 children in the city are expected to start next week with a blended learning model in which they alternate homeschooling and construction classes. .