(Replace “recommended” with “recommended”) 20) Air pollution with waste causes many problems in our cities. (1) Air pollution, as well as littering, (2) cause a lot of problems (3) No mistakes (4) in our cities. Rule-4 In sport, the name of the country, while it refers to the players, is followed by the plural. Example: England won the World Cup. According to the subject-verb agreement, it should be “was”. 13. Two-thirds of the government (a) / country were acquired (b) / by the rural mafias of our city. (c)/ No error Solution: the sentence is correct. Please note that if “half, one third, three quarters, etc.” is followed by countless nouns, the verb is retained as singular. However, if the noun can be counted, the verb is retained as a plural.

See the example below: Question 10: I would like to know what is wrong with my car. 10) `was` instead of `were` 11) no error 12) `write` instead of writing 13) `helped` instead of help 🔹 Note – would prefer/would have preferred to be followed by a sentence in the connective spirit. So v2 is used. To better understand the conjunctive atmosphere of some verbs, go through ⬇️ 💯 Understanding the subjunctive atmosphere of a verb 14) The sentence is quite correct. See the Explanatory Note to question 13. Since the verb is “known” in its past form, it must be auxiliary in its past form. The subject is singular, so it will be rotten Rule-5 If the word ENEMY is used in the sense of “armed forces” of a nation with which the country is at war, we must use the plural verb. For example, the enemy was forced to withdraw. Article 15 The article “THE” is used only once when both names relate to the same person or thing. 💯 Click here to compile the main PREPOSITION ERROR DETECTION QUESTIONS (with a detailed solution) 💯 CLICK HERE FOR IMPORTANT ERROR DETECTION, ADVERB ERROR DETECTION QUESTIONS (with explanation) 💯 CLICK HERE FOR IMPORTANT VERB ERROR DETECTION QUESTIONS (with explanation) 16. His parents were angry with him (a) / because two thousand rupees (b) / were spent by him on useless items. (c)/ No error Solution: the error is in part (c) of the sentence.

If the combination of a “numerical adjective + plural noun” gives an idea of the value, distance, height or weight, etc., the verb must be in singular form. In part (c) the verb should therefore be “was” instead of “were”. Example: the actress participates in the event with her manager and a friend. Error detection is an important topic that is requested in SSC CGL, CHSL & CPO exams. We have dealt with a lot of articles based on error derision. This article contains questions about error based on subject-verb concordance. Rule-22 None may accept either a singular verb or a plural verblage, depending on the noun that follows. 10) It was the students (1) who wanted the teacher (2) / today to declare leave (3) / no error 11) No student (1) and no teacher (2) / was present (3) / no error 12) I wrote my (1) / friend (2) / a blue ink letter (3) / no error 💯Click here for important questions of error detection / errors of SUBST (with solution) 1) The sentence indicated is quite correct. . .