When Do You Stream?

The most common things you will see as advice on Reddit about getting viewers:

  1. talk to yourself a lot
  2. be involved in other communities
  3. have a schedule

I do the first naturally, and the second as a form of procrastinating from streaming myself.

I think about the third a lot. I know I do not stream enough, because I want the time spent to matter before I put more time in.

What Are Your Limits?


I go to the gym three times per week. I am still at the novice level with my lifts, and can see progress lifting this often, so I am doing it.

I am eager to be strong enough that I need more recovery days, and can just lift twice per week. That is at least six months away, and not worth planning for at present.

I prefer to lift in the morning when there are fewer people in the gym. I leave home no later than 07:00.


I would love to have a sleep schedule, but I just submit to sleep when it occurs to me.

I do not take any pride in loading up on stimulant drinks and proclaiming I will sleep when I am dead. I would much rather be harassing people when I am dead, if it is an option.

I am rarely able to sleep as long as I probably should. Once asleep I will wake up on my own anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours later, without explanation. If I sleep longer it is usually a sign that I am going to be sick.

It rarely happens at the same time every day, both falling asleep and later waking. I am trying to track it to find some semblance of a pattern.

Stream Duration

  • Long streams: over 8 hours.
  • Short streams: 4 hours or less.
  • Medium streams: anything in-between.

I like long streams because I am trying to lose weight, and having a big part of my day distracted from wanting to eat is hugely convenient.

It just is not sustainable daily. I can maybe get a short stream in earlier in the week.

Time Slot

The reason I like the late-night/early-morning slot is because there are so few english-speaking streams on at that time.

Much of my Hearthstone Arena competition is ending after I have been streaming for an hour or so. The big morning people usually are starting by the time I am leaving for the gym.

Additionally, drunks are leaving the bars at this time.


I work 12 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday. While I can usually make myself stream on these days anyway, my play quality is abysmal. These should definitely not be Hearthstone Arena streams. If I were to stream during the nights before my shifts, those streams would have to end by 06:00.

Deadlines are for Paperwork

Common advice likes to compare your stream to back when people had to watch TV on a schedule. What a moronic comparison. How about using comparisons for things still in our lives?

Appointments are a professional consideration to ensure people are there for when you are doing something. If you are a doctor you agree to a time you will treat a patient. If you are a theatre you tell people when the play begins. Streaming is a performance that is occurring live, it makes more sense to compare it to other live performances.

But I only have a stop time: 06:00.

So to work backward from that I need to know how long I will be streaming for.

I want to compare high frequency with low volume to my current low frequency, high volume streaming pattern.

Last 4 Weeks

  1. July 10: 14 hours
  2. July 17: 23 hours (second stream on Tuesday)
  3. July 24: 13 hours
  4. July 31: 7 hours (I was ill)

So I can say 14.25 hours is my established average weekly commitment, I will round both up and down to whole hours, which ever makes my day-math easier.

Same Time, Every Day?

The main problem with having the same time every day is that if I am going to stream on my work days, I have to either stream right after work in the evening, or be able to fall asleep immediately when I get home so I can wake up in the middle of the night.

I suppose if I am consistent 5 days a week, having 2 days of idkmybffjill start times is probably going to be acceptable.

It just feels icky from a stats perspective. Probably not as icky as trying to sleep on a schedule, though.

If I just skip the weekends entirely then I will want to make the weekday streams longer.

Either Way

  • With Weekends: 02:00-04:00
  • No Weekends: 02:00-05:00