All times CST.

Thursday, 2AM

If you want to be absolutely sure of catching my stream, Thursday at 2AM is the most common day and time I’m on.

Thursdays are often also long streams, over 8 hours and up to 16.

Tuesday, 2AM

This is the second most common day and time. Usually not as long as the Thursday stream.

That’s basically it.

If you’re interested in my internal struggle in scheduling more streams, though, keep reading!

When I Absolutely Cannot Stream

  • 6AM-8PM: Saturday and Sunday, recurring long-ass shift at work.
  • 7AM-10AM: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Time spent traveling to the gym and working out.

That seems to suggest the best time slot for daily streaming is Midnight-6AM. Here are some things I’m struggling with:

  • Weekend streams:
    • It’s really hard to both go to bed immediately and wake up at midnight after working for 12 hours.
    • I don’t like leaving a run unfinished because I can never come back to them and regain the “groove” of that run.
    • Maybe I come home from work, do one run, see how I feel? Go to bed then or do one more.
  • Post-workout streams:
    • Is it worth working out later so I can have a longer stream?
    • Should I end stream, work out, and come back?
    • Should IĀ not stream until later in the day and just do a longer streamĀ then?
  • Long streams (Thursday and Tuesday)
    • If I’m doing a long stream, how much sleep am I getting following the stream?
    • How do my long streams affect the streams on following days?
    • Are these necessary if I stream more often?