The main purpose of a non-partnership or agency clause is to exclude the risk that an agreement will create an undesirable partnership or agency relationship between the parties. This clause also attempts to exclude a joint venture agreement from consolidation if this is not the intention of the parties. The creation of such a relationship may have unfortunate tax consequences and lead a party, with respect to third parties, to be bound by another party in a manner not provided for in the agreement or to be held liable for the acts and omissions of the other party. This clause avoids an investor`s argument that he is entitled to a dividend under the subcontract. Clause 14.4 (waiver of the person clause) – This clause concerns “persons” instead of “parties” to deal with situations in which third parties have rights under the agreement. The agreement must be signed by the investor, the founder(s) and a prosecutor on behalf of the company. This product is an easily customizable short-form subscription agreement (sometimes referred to as an investment agreement) that can be used to facilitate an early cycle of venture capital investments in a UK-registered limited liability company, as well as a series of tailor-made guides that give a useful overview of the content of the presentation and aim to explain the main concepts of the document. Clause 9.1 confirms that such a derogation applies and that the agreement has not been approved by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) (as provided for in Section 21 of the FSMA). This clause is intended to prevent the parties from being held liable for statements or assurances (including pre-contractual insurance), unless this is expressly stipulated in the agreement or in the documents mentioned in the agreement. In clause 3.1, confirmation that completion is carried out remotely prevents the parties from meeting in one place and signing the agreement and from all other relevant achievements taking place.

Clause 3.3 describes the procedure followed after the end of the subscription. Clause 4.2 confirms that the investor draws the reference shares only under the terms of the reference contract and not on the basis of other information. `Upon completion, the entity shall pay all [reasonable] legal, accounting and due diligence costs and payments made by the investor in respect of the negotiation, preparation, execution and performance of this Agreement (and all documents referred to therein) [up to a maximum amount of GBP [amount] [excluding VAT]`. This clause defines the shares to be subscribed by the investor. Our type drawing contract provides that the investor subscribes to the same class of shares as the existing shareholders.