Whether you are an employer, employee or independent contractor, Lavelle Law`s lawyers have extensive U.S. experience in designing and, where appropriate, litigation (for plaintiffs and defendants) that contains non-compete clauses, debauchery prohibitions, and confidentiality clauses. If you have a question about your contract, please call Scott Browdy at 847-705-7555. When an employee or other person participating in a company signs a no-pocher agreement and violates its terms, the company may take legal action against that person. If a former employee of a company has established relationships with certain companies or customers, it would be easier to contact those customers directly than to start at the very bottom. However, if the former employee has signed a no-pocher clause, contact with these customers could lead to legal action. An employment contract could contain this clause to protect potential damages that could occur if a former employer tries to steal from customers. Whether you`re representing a company with experienced employees and an exclusive list of clients or you`re an employee starting a new job, it may be important to hire a labor or contract attorney to check the no-poum agreement line by line. This lawyer can help by consolidating the language, removing what is unenforceable and negotiating for better terms. Just mail your legal needs, and UpCounsel can help by connecting you with some of the best lawyers in the industry.

These professionals have an average of 16 years of experience, and many are graduates of Harvard and Yale. It is not uncommon for the no-pocher agreements required by employers of their employees to be extremely diverse. These provisions often prevent the employee from recruiting all the clients of her former employer. Sometimes, the provisions also prevent the employee from recruiting potential customers from her former employer. In a recent case, it was the following no-debauchery provision: as a result, the executive understands and. A no-pocher agreement is more specific. It tries to prevent someone from hiring or taking on clients. The same time and area limitations apply. Jill may also need to sign a no-poofing agreement in which she pledges not to take Kartun employees or their customers for five years and within a 400-mile radius.