Today`s vote was 4 to 2 for the franchise agreement, with representatives Svarzbein and Annello voting “no,” with MP Salcido abstaining and Dr Morgan absent. ECE officials have said they want to conclude the agreement by early summer this year, but still need these final approvals. City employees and outside counsel say they have worked hundreds of hours to find what they see as the best option for the El Pasoan way when it comes to this franchise agreement. A typical private customer in El Paso, with an average of 635 kilowatt hours of energy per month, could record a monthly increase of about 0.90 cents. The combination of a reduction in the federal tax rate and a reduction in fuel costs, introduced earlier this year, will help offset the increase due to the city of El Paso`s deductible. El Paso Electric Company (EPE), in collaboration with the Infrastructure Investment Fund (IIF), has organized community meetings in collaboration with the City of El Paso on the outstanding transaction agreement and the ongoing regulatory process regarding the sale of EPE to IIF. Another proposed amendment to the franchise agreement requires El Paso Electric to incorporate a study on adding more solar and other forms of renewable energy to the distribution company`s system and to complete the study at least one year after the sale of the company. EPE operates under franchise agreements with several cities located in its service territory, allowing the utility to use the public rights of way necessary to serve its customers. These agreements allow EPE to access electrical infrastructure in urban alleys and road corridors that provide and maintain services to customers. The franchise agreement for the city of El Paso was last amended in 2010. The agreement provided that EPE would pay the city of El Paso a 4% royalty of the gross revenue collected by EPE from its customers within the city limits each quarter.

Citizen Howard Pearlmutter was one of many El Pasoans who fought to convince El Paso executives to refuse the transfer of the franchise agreement to IIF – Sun Jupiter, the company that was to buy EPE. “We have pushed them very hard in many ways and many provisions of these agreements and many legal documents are many things that we have pushed to do. We didn`t get everything we wanted, but we got a lot,” Pearlmutter said. The City Council approved revised terms of sale in December, but the franchise transfer is also required to complete the sale. The terms of sale and the proposed sale were approved by the Texas Utilities Commission on January 16. EL PASO, TX – In March 2018, the city of El Paso and El Paso Electric (EPE) reached an agreement to increase the city of El Paso`s deductible fees on electricity bills for residents and businesses within the city limits of El Paso. The 1% increase will begin on 1 October 2018 and will be taken into account as a separate position on invoices; However, a reduction in the federal tax rate and a reduction in fuel costs will offset the increase. “We would like to thank the city of El Paso for approving the franchise application. We look forward to continuing to engage and invest in ECE communities over the long term to benefit ECE customers, employees and municipalities and promote the development of a sustainable pathway to environmental protection and a clean energy future. EL PASO, Texas — Despite months of opposition from some municipalities in Tuesday`s meeting, El Paso City Council has agreed to an agreement to sell El Paso Electric to an investment arm of JP Morgan Chase.

This page provides detailed resources in the EPE agreements, below EP Electric`s franchise agreements, which were voted by former city councillors, and the franchise agreements proposed in May 2019, El Paso Electric (EPE) announced that the distribution company would be sold to the Infrastructure Investment Fund (IIF).