DigiLocker is an online storage space (1 GB) provided by the Indian government for the preservation of your documents and certificates. You receive documents directly from registered issuers or upload your own. PS. We are also open to businesses and owners who need our service regularly. Leave a message for business@rentalagreement.in. There are two following options that allow you to check and download Index II. For the search for a real estate number, the minimum tax for the search is rs.300. For downloading documents, the fee for downloading a single file is Rs.100. For document search, the fee for a single index view II is Rs.25. Please make sure that you have sufficient credit on GRAS Challan to benefit from the services mentioned above. The number of two Challans is not crammed together to benefit from the above-mentioned services. All data physically available in the 1985 SR offices are available online for mumbai city and suburb Yes, registration and stamp department, Maharashtra State Government is the first to introduce “e Search” in real time in the country.

The establishment is a free and paid search on the website of the Registration and Stamp Department, Maharashtra State Government, namely: igrmaharashtra.gov.in free online search function: citizens can download for free. Paid online search: fees must be paid only online via the e-Search portal. “Search Fee” can also be used to perform the same physical search in the Office Sub-Registrar, you do not have to pay a fee again for the physical search. Note: e The search for loaded printed copies is not a certified copy(s) of the division. Therefore, these documents/data are only used for informational purposes. (Cannot be treated as a legal copy). The links below are available for the convenience of users Free Search Link: freesearchigrservice.maharashtra.gov.in/ Paid Search Link: esearchigr.maharashtra.gov.in/ portal/esearchlogin.aspx (information relating to links that belong to the Department of Registration and Stamps, Maharashtra State Government). Can we search for Index II or Online Document and how do I search for Index II or Online Document? “LEAVE AND LICENSE is a very good service, more time will be saved in these online services…. That`s fine, but offer to include more services like L&L. The online service is so convenient.” What is Index II a publicly available document with the following important details: 1] Type of agreement 2] Apartment number or house number with land survey number 3] indicates both parties (seller, buyer) 4] Selling price (indemnification), discounted price (market price) 5] Date and time of agreement and date and time of contract registration 6] and registration amounts paid How can I get a certified copy of Index II? The user does not receive a certified copy online.

For a certified copy, please contact the SRO office. Index 2 Real estate document Download / Download Index II of the registered agreement and deed of sale. The copy of your vacation and license agreement registered online is automatically stored in DigiLocker, just visit digilocker.gov.in/ and create an account. ยท Do not indicate the date of future execution no earlier than 3 days from the date of online filing, We introduce your agreement and submit it for registration. PDF Book of English Sarathi Version (FAQ) is available for download under Downloads>SARATHI on this site Note: If you have not created an account on esearchigr.maharashtra.gov.in site, click eloksevaonline.com/check-it-out/how-to-create-account-on-esearchigr-maharashtra-gov-in-website/. The mobile phone number used when creating the account is required to obtain OTP (unique password)….