Month: July 2015

Hearthstone SCALE

I have a dirty, filthy lust for spreadsheets and initialisms. I’ve identified that the game that intersects on “size of audience” and “my ability to play” is definitely Hearthstone. There’s no doubt in my mind there are games I like more, nor doubt that there are more popular games. But if there’s a game that…


Was watching a friend play Dragon Age 2 yesterday and I mentioned that I recognized someone’s voice. “Where do you NOT hear a voice actor from somewhere else?” he asked me. I have no evidence to contradict him. Yo Buddy… Still Alive? It takes a real man…. Legacy Part 2 – Full Darkseid Fight Also:…



I started playing Eve Online a day or two ago. I’m mostly playing because I want to scum through some swarmy nullsec PvP, but I decided to make a hauler/trade altĀ  (pictured above and below) so I can quickly/easily transport more ships for my main to die horribly in. I’m so fucking excited.

Missile Spam

I’m buddies with a fellow twitch streamer: zebra_hoedown He seems to be willing to get me started in Eve Online, something I’ve been interested but wary of doing for quite some time. As I’ve been playing a lot of idle games (Clicker Heroes…) lately, the skill training system is actually rather appealing to me. I…