August 23, 2019 (Friday)

Duration: 65 min total – 3:36/set

HRV app, finally, said to proceed as planned. I proceeded with my plan and added just a little bit at the end to make up for some lost time.

Workout 003: Heavy Press, Medium Squat



Pounds x Reps @ Reps in Reserve; + means 5 or more.

Heavy Press

  • 45×4@+
  • 55×3@4
  • 70×2 [forgot to note RIR]
  • 85×6@2
  • 85×1@2
  • 85×1@3
  • 85×1@3
  • 85×1@3
  • 85×1@4
  • 85×1@3

PERFECT. The singles felt just heavy enough to be good technique practice and the top set landed at precisely the level of fatigue I was hoping for. I chose this load based on my 95×3 from last week. Plugging it into a rep calculator told me that it was “equivalent” to 80×6. Since I wanted to progress 5lbs per week but also wanted to increase my repetitions, I thought I would try 85lbs here and was very happy with the results.

Definitely ready to increase my Press weight next week.


  • 85×3@+
  • 110×2@+
  • 135×10@2
  • 135×5@2
  • 135×3@0

While I was very happy that I was able to squat at all, and further elated that my planned top set went okay… there were some conditioning issues. Namely that I lost my vision around rep 8 of the top set and halfway into my second back-off set. While I was fine with doing two reps blind for my top set, by the time I was making the call to end the exercise for the day I was having balance issues and I was wobbly getting the bar back into the rack.

My hamstrings were still sore going into this but I was happy to discover that the soreness shifted to my quads thanks to doing these. The balance issue I had was NOT from the hamstrings, I really think it was a bloodflow problem to muh dome. Overall though I think I’m prepared to make a weight increase on this exercise.

Lat Pulldown

  • 25×40@3

I’ve been thinking about doing this set of 40 all week, man. My lats were itching for any kind of work after doing those squats, but my head wasn’t in the game for a really explosive lift anymore, so this was perfect. However, once I finished this set I found myself with a fair amount of extra time because I didn’t get all the Squat sets I anticipated doing.

Hiking Friend told me my forearms are comically puny compared to my sudden upper arm development, so that’s what I decided to address.

One-Arm Dumbbell Wrist Curls

  • 5×40@+

Reverse One-Arm DB WC

  • 3×40@+

I realize this is comically light but these were again exercises I have not done in a long time and really didn’t feel like doing a bunch of calculating to figure it out. Just practical progression for me on these per my isolation scheme I’ve posted several times already, though I think I won’t take these below 10 reps.