Doing it Right

It really amazes me how adamant some viewers are about how a game “should” be played.

Pictured above is Cosmo, and his Cheesepuff. If you don’t know who Cosmo is, I’d say he’s probably best known for his Ocarina of Time speedruns, though he runs other games as well.

If you aren’t familiar with speedrunning, the basic intent is to beat a game as quickly as possible. Frequently this involves a route through the game that isn’t “traditional” or “intended.” Sometimes it also involves utilizing glitches to get through areas you’d otherwise have to play the game normally to get through.

If you do a speedrun in front of someone who isn’t familiar with it as a competitive scene, and don’t explain it at all to them, you’ll probably get some shit for doing so. Especially if it’s a beloved game of theirs.

Cosmo’s Cheesepuff is a custom build that gives him +150 Speed, First Strike Invincibility, and something that gives him more or better jumps aside from the Speed. I’m not a Smash player, I only saw the equip screen twice, and I didn’t think it was going to be as hilarious as it ended up being. So I didn’t commit it to memory.

What his build allows him to do: after knocking ~30% damage into his opponent, while he is himself invincible, he spends the rest of the 2 minutes avoiding his opponent so that the match times out. He wins by damage dealt.

He’s not cheating or abusing glitches. This is something that is allowed within the rules of the game.

But perhaps his viewers find it dishonorable? Skill-less?

He achieves victories (winning Large tourneys), what greater honor do you need? He’s been beaten maybe four times in the thirty or so hours I’ve seen of this. Even if this requires no skill to win, then how much skill do his opponents have if they can’t deal with it?

That said, a huge part of my enjoyment of online gaming is seeing people get butthurt. Not having a live chat in Hearthstone is part of why I like streaming: I get to see people get bent over backwards annoyed with how I play. As if it has anything to do with them. As if there are not people to watch who “play right.” It’s not offensive to come in and tell someone they’re shit when they’re enjoying what they’re doing.

That’s part of the fun.

It’s even better when these people don’t realize that the joke’s on them.