The Second Drive – August 16, 2017

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I don’t have my driver’s license.

I’d rather not discuss the car accident I was in that has made driving difficult for me, I mention it here just to acknowledge the source of my hang-up.

Today is the second time I’ve driven since 2009 or ’10. Every person I’ve driven with (other than my own mother) has said that I drive well and seem to handle things responsibly.

Internally this is incredibly distant from the truth, though I appreciate the positive feedback.



68°F, Partly Cloudy. Visibility couldn’t have been better, as my proper-prescription glasses lack anti-glare coating. My car lacks air conditioning, also, so the cool morning air kept me alert without distracting me.


  • Shortly after waking up, but not immediately.
  • Very surely dosed stimulants 1 hour prior. Would have preferred 2 hours prior but I misunderstood when my instructor would be ready.
  • Took a dump right before driving. Washed my hands.
  • Used red lights as opportunities to loosen my wrists and crack knuckles/elbows/shoulders/neck.
  • Took regular opportunities to notice my breathing (in some cases I noticed I was holding my breath, took three measured/deep breaths to counteract it.)
  • Fasting


  • 04:31 – Awake
    • 5:46 hours asleep
    • Sleep quality 60%
    • Following a 6.5 hour stream the previous afternoon-into-evening
    • Fasted yesterday until about 20:00
  • 04:35 – Out of bed
    • Watched some Buffy, I’m on Season 2 now
    • Compiled a list of PS3-exclusive games, I’m interested in buying another console
    • Followed some new, non-Arena streamers on Twitch
  • 06:00 – Stimulant dose. Request to drive. “Be ready in an hour.” Dang it.
  • 07:00 – Pooped.
  • 07:15 – Left the house. I intended to start a stopwatch to properly time my on-the-road duration, but the construction and trash cans bordering my exit path (and fussing with my mirrors for a few minutes) distracted me. I would have still counted this time however, once I’m seated and the car is started, I’m driving. Here are the procession of locations visited:
    • local church (AKA nearest Poke -stop and -gym to me)
    • local lake boat-launch (last time I drove I navigated all the side roads here to get accustomed to slow-controlling the car, today I did not)
    • drove nearly all the way to work, the highway portion of my lesson today
      • last session had a highway component also
    • downtown to my bank, it’s not open yet, to the riverfront for a short pause
  • 08:20-08:28 – Fed the ducks.
  • 08:28-08:35 – Drove back to the bank, deposited excess on-hand cash. Let grouchy old truck man parked next to me to leave before me, to improve visibility.
  • 08:35-09:15 – Drove home. End of lesson.

I’m feeling nauseated after the drive (useful, considering I’d like to fast anyway) but not fidgety. I’m not experiencing double-vision, and am sweating only slightly.

I’m going to do the first two boils with my new electronic kettle, so I can start using it later today when my tea infuser shows up.

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