Stream FAQ

Q: Have you played Earthbound or Undertale?

Q: How old is bashfoal?
A: Bash is either 24 or 42.

Q: When does bash stream?
A: Occasionally.

Q: How does bash stream?
A: On PC:

Streaming directly from PS4 is also an option, but it is a terrible option, and is generally discouraged.

Q: Stream that movie, if you’re so tough?
A: It is being worked on.

Q: What class / card should I pick in Arena? When should I go face vs. trade?
A: This is what I use for that.

Q: When’s the next viewer event?
A: When there are more viewers.

Q: Any rules for chat?
A: Kinda.

Q: Why didn’t bash answer my message in chat?

Q: Can bash play [insert game title here]?
A: A couple options:

  • is the steam email, send a code.
  • if you just want me to consider buying a game or begging someone else for it, use the following command in chat:
    • !rec [game title], [platform], [reason]
    • So:
      • !rec Resident Evil 7, PC, your girlfriend asked you to.
  • if it’s an older game that requires emulation:
    • the !rec request feature in chat is preferred
    • email is ok tho
    • any game mentioned on this page will not be played

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