1. RUM = RNG, Uncertainty, Misplay – this is basically the reason I want to review the play later.
  2. +/- = Whether the RUM that turn seemed to affect me negatively or positively.
    • I intentionally do not allow a neutral option here.
    • If my determination in the moment is wrong, that’s part of the review process.
    • I want to learn whether my interpretation of events is correct.
    • This is not a matter of extent, I’m just interested in whether I’m right about whether something bad happened because I or the game is stupid.
  3. Time = I use 24-hour time, and is usually the visible clock on screen above my head. That’s the source for where I’m writing the time down, so I can easily find it in the VOD later.

Some Examples

I made a misplay at 2PM and I think it fucked me: M-14:00

I wasn’t sure what to do at 5AM and rope-panicked and I missed damage: U-05:00

I played bomber and it went all face and I won at 7:06PM: R+19:06

Relevant Commands

  • !rum (or) !misplay
    • Writes to a local text file the time and username of the person using the command, and then also their comment about the play, so to them they just have to type their criticism after the command rather than have to do all the writing I’m doing for myself.
    • Example: !rum Yogg Saron fucked you
    • Example: !misplay overtrading
  • !rumtime
    • Links to this post.
  • !rumdiaries
    • TO DO: make youtube playlist where I review my misplays.