When I used to really care about lifting, I remember being frequently asked “what is the best routine?”

There are many ways to answer that. The best general answer that I didn’t come up (because it’s more broadly applicable) is “the one you can stick to.”

But with a slightly narrower scope to the question: frequency, volume, sometimes even time of day, the answer changed. I was mostly dealing with people who were 15-22 years of age, and the hack answer was:

Get a job. Work your workouts around your work.

Generally, people with no ability to form a schedule have no obligations. They are either younger, or already taken care of. If they are younger, the job is helpful with the lifting goals because you can purchase the sundry supplements you’ve been conned into believing are essential. Which does feel good, so I don’t entirely look down on it, but for me it’s like buying skins in a game. It might keep the game interesting for someone whose interest in personal improvement is waning, but for me? It just distracts me from doing the important shit.

Recently, and somewhat embarrassingly, I received a call about a job while on-stream. Ordinarily I don’t have any viewers, but my good pal murky did the advertising whoring for me and managed to get me more than two viewers. Not a great first impression, I’m sure, but taking that call will ultimately improve the professionalism of my stream.

Hard Benefit: Scheduling

I mentioned earlier that I’m trying to form a habit of streaming.

Being the naturally lazy/efficient slob/gentleman that I tend to be, I’ve already found a way to game the system. My minimum is 1 hour of streaming per day, so if I stream from 11pm-1am, I have one hour per day. As I get more comfortable with that, and with streaming generally, I thought I’d also add another mid-day stream as well. Ideally, the mid-day stream would have been the regular stream time, and then I’d do the Midnight Hours stream just to cover my ass from my habit standpoint.

But the job I’ll likely receive will absorb my time from roughly 15:30 until 21:30, because I’ll likely choose to enjoy the summer weather and walk. I also need the exercise, I’ve been neglecting my body since I’ve started focusing on my nerdly activities.

By the time I get home and have scrubbed myself like a particular sort of violent attack victim, and generally calmed down, it will probably be about 20:30 anyway.

Soft Benefit: Networking

Not that I would PAY FOR VIEWERS, but I would be able to subscribe to my favorite channels. Being at the top of the list in chats I’m in all the time could be useful.

I just realized that ‘bashfoal’ is actually still likely to be pretty close to the top, anyway…

Spying on other mods and subs are how I’ve found most of the channels I currently enjoy; that similarity might mean I’m somewhat more likely to find viewers who are similar to me. That’d be pretty cool.