Being a prodigious procrastinator, I have done everything in my power to improve my viewer count other than actually streaming.

I’m not being scientific about anything, I’m just sharing a resource I’ve discovered.



I already have the automatic tweet occurring when I start my stream, and I’m not going to disable it, because I will absolutely forget to compose tweets that mention the accounts in the above table.

A complete list, with complementary linking:


In the table I eliminated accounts with fewer than 10k followers, and it pays to check, because it definitely could have changed between when you read this and when I wrote it. But there is a character limitation on twitter, and I wanted to maximize exposure for sacrificed characters.

The automated twitch-generated tweet is a mess. I counted up the character length for things to optimize the length of my daily spam:

@twitchraid 11
@twitchsharing 14
@twitchtvonline 15
@twitchshare 12
RT @bashfoal: 13
SUM: 93

So the final composition is:

HEARTHSTONE ARENA @twitchraid @twitchsharing @twitchtvonline @twitchshare

I counted the old-school style of retweeting and eliminated one of the accounts from my list to accommodate it. I left some room for a possible comment.

The actual “body” of my tweet is exactly what my stream is, so that the other whore followers of these accounts know what to expect.