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Jul 30, 2017 | | Say something

No sorting or ranking involved here. I’m not going to “not listen to this shit even more.”

Who Killed Elsie Frost?

Confusing series of introductions. One guy introduces the other guy who introduces a recording? Elsie sounds like someone I could care about, but the casters are not. Unlike the Simmons podcast, the case itself has little to keep me interested. It might just be that listening to the family is such a drag.

I get that a family is going to miss their loved one, but unintelligble blubbering is neither entertaining nor informative for me, without either, podcasting is pointless to me.

What Happened to Vishal?

Advantage over Elsie: short episodes. Still don’t care to listen to survivor speculation though. I get it: totally infallible angelic child. Can we discuss the case immediately? Could we just pepper in these sentimental bits or (better idea) excise them entirely?

Up and Vanished

Mood music way too loud, casters voice not worth listening super hard for. Literally spoiled the literally mroe interesting literally case with literally the worst writing. If his documentaries are literally as literally littered with literally, I’m literally not surprised I’ve literally never heard of this guy literally from Atlanta.

Untold: Daniel Morgan Murder

I’m starting to become wary of single-case podcasts. Either they’re going to be Unresolved as Excuse for Unsatisfying, or they’re resolved and thus limited in how long they can actually be. My intent is to have a long-listen for work, and feel informed or entertained by a crisp production with limited musical interference.

I just thought I’d sneak that in here. I Passed this podcast because the caster has a lisp.

(Is sounding like Elmer Fudd a lisp or is that a different disability category?)

Truth & Justice w/ Bob Ruff

3:40 – That’s too much introduction, leading to another fucking introduction. Entirely too much sucking-off of Serial. I guess that means I have to go listen to Serial. Skipped to episode 2. Another painfully-long introduction. Is it THAT necessary to jerk people off before getting to the fucking point?

Then he kept saying things like “e-mails” and “undisputable” and I just had enough. Passed.

The Vanished

The frequency of low-quality recordings made my ears bleed. Podcast properly started eight minutes in. Lazy. Passed.

The Trail Went Cold

Takes nearly seven minutes to get started. Annoying/distracting tinkly mood music. Dorky emphasis in pronunciation.

Night Time

I don’t know why these True Crime podcasts are so self-indulgent. TEN MINUTES. Way too much introduction, and then a recorded sample is played. Great. 14:10 – Has the podcast started yet? 16:49 – Less than three minutes before another out-of-studio recording. Come on. Passed.

I would like more interpretation by the hosts. This is basically just an audio archive you might reference as someone actually making something.

But then you’d need someone to fix all the fucking reverb.

The Dollop

Not that interested in listening to dudes cackling. I feel like I’m listening to Impractical Jokers and none of the gags involve talking. Passed.

Sword and Scale

Why all the fucking noises? Just talk, asshole. Topic is otherwise well-handled and the flow of facts makes me want to try more episodes.

Serial Killers

Episode 1: H.H. Holmes. I listened for far longer than I should have because I like the topic.

I learn I’m not interested in podcast acting. Passed.

Searching for Rachel Antonio

Bird noises. Drab laundry-list style elocution. Passed.

Phoebe’s Fall

Right away: inconsistent audio quality, gratuitous sound effects. It seems like an interesting case but the sound engineering is just so bad. Dropped.

Pun intended.


Topic is too abstract/general, and most content is hassling specialists for things you could just read and cite a source for. Lazy. Don’t care. Passed.

Last Podcast on the Left

The earliest episode I could find on iTunes was 31 = Texas. These guys are hella energetic. I don’t know if I hate that so much as “after focus guy’s voice raises, everyone laugh” format. It takes six minutes for the podcast to get started. I wish having this many people on the same show would mean any of them prepared properly. Fuck it. Passed.

In Sight

Passed. Australian accent + variable mic quality.

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