One Week Streak

Jun 17, 2015 | | Say something

Yesterday marked my first solid week of streaming. I only started streaming with any regularity less than a month ago, but this was the first time I’ve streamed seven consecutive days.

The only consensus opinions on stream schedule seems to be:

  1. Every day (or the same days every week)
  2. For at least three hours
  3. At roughly the same time

I don’t currently have many obligations outside of the stream, but I’ve found streaming is unusually exhausting for me. I don’t know if it’s a social anxiety issue or if I’m just “unskilled” at marathon gaming after spending so much time away from it.

I’m only tackling the first bullet point for now. As with weight training, I’m approaching my stream with the idea of progressive resistance. Once doing a stream every day becomes easy for me, I’ll increase the length of the stream gradually. Right now I only “obligate” myself to 1 hour per day. Typically this is about the length of a 50% win rate arena run, from draft to my rage-quit.

If I just get good at arena, that will organically increase the length of my daily streams. I assume I’ll plateau at some point, but I sometimes have bad first runs anyway, so my account gold is budgeted to support 2 arena runs per day.

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