I’m buddies with a fellow twitch streamer: zebra_hoedown

He seems to be willing to get me started in Eve Online, something I’ve been interested but wary of doing for quite some time. As I’ve been playing a lot of idle games (Clicker Heroes…) lately, the skill training system is actually rather appealing to me. I also have a spreadsheet addiction.

Zeebz wants to start a corps of missile-spamming trolls to harass people with and I am all for that playstyle. I’m all-for another playstyle that doesn’t revolve around Macross Zergling swarms, as well, but I haven’t had the time to research it yet.

Submitted for his approval:

  1. Caldari Frigate III
  2. Caldari Frigate IV
  3. Afterburner I
  4. Weapon Upgrades I
  5. Missile Launcher Operation I
  6. Missile Launcher Operation II
  7. Light Missiles I
  8. Light Missiles II
  9. Light Missiles III
  10. Missile Launcher Operation III
  11. Heavy Missiles I
  12. Shield Upgrades I

I guess that these skills are ordered by prerequisites, according to what I’m seeing in-game.