Maining Aesthetics

I haven’t really played League of Leagues, or Dota, or any class-based arena games because I have no loyalty.

Or, I can never pick a main.

I can never stick with a character long enough to “gitgud,” erroneously believing it’s the character and not my skill level that’s disappointing everyone.

The other source of paralysis is just that mafackas be too numerous. Overwatch is just beyond the limit of how many characters I can be bothered to learn about. I think about 9 characters is my limit.

Nevertheless I have a fight stick and I’m probably going to get into Street Fighter 5.

Street Fighter 5

  1. Looked through each character individually, saved all the ones that had some white costumes.
  2. Compiled a list (along the top in the image) of all the costumes that are ‘acceptable’ and one of the two default, free costumes.
  3. Picked the top three costumes that I liked for each character.
  4. Slept for 10 hours.
  5. Zoomed out in photoshop and dotted the costumes I liked most at this blob of color size. Cyan dots for paid costumes, Magenta for freebies.

I then went into excel like a dork and gave everybody 3 points for magenta dots and 1 point for cyan dots.

This is, at least, a decent order of characters to try out. I’ve liked Vega and Birdie in games past. I don’t recall if Birdie and Cammy are “bad guys,” but I tend to not enjoy heroic characters. Guile, Ken, and Alex are low on what I’m excited to try playing just for that reason.

I remember playing Chun a lot as a kid and liking her despite that. Probably because she’s a sucky hero and never got anything done. Or dem Chun Buns. Either way.

The next step (after purchasing the overpriced bundle) is to take everybody into training mode and see what’s going on with their movement. Not even going to try out their specials or anything, just walk and jump around. Stick-only stuff.

Zoning/spacing (can’t remember if these are the same concept or not) is my favorite fundamental concept in fighting games.

When I used to be interested in touhou shooting games, the fighting game doujin made logical sense to me as both genre of games require full-screen awareness, anticipation, and memorization to be good at.


I did a similar process for Skullgirls. Only difference being that Skullgirls doesn’t JEW THE FUCK OUT OF YOU FOR PALETTE SWAPS, so I valued everything equally. However, I still separated them into magenta and cyan. Magenta for fitting my ALL WHITE theme, Cyan for I GET THAT REFERENCE.

why do i do this to myself

Once I get more familiar with this games I really want to figure out what sort of common correlation occurs between my personal aesthetic evaluation and their real-world aptitude at making me hate life. Should be fun.

i need sleep

Diversification vs. Specialization

I’m at such a low level right now that this shouldn’t really be a consideration, but too bad, because I think about stuff.

I’m not sure if I will want to play the same type of character across all the games I play. For broad categories: strikers vs. grapplers, melee vs. projectiles, dudes vs. broads, and so on.

All I’m really settled on so far is that I really like white costumes and dreadlocks are icky, but those are obviously purely aesthetic considerations. If I’m really into grappling and a game only has a naked, dark-skinned man with dreadlocks… will being married to a style force me into that aesthetic?

Having just wrote that I think I’ll be diverse, if only to be more interesting to watch across multiple games. I don’t think I’ll ever play any particular game so well that someone will want to see me translate that skill to another game, anyway.