I’m usually pretty hesitant about declaring what I’d do in a perfect world given where I actually live, but if I don’t have something to reach toward I’ll be tempted to act as though everything went according to plan.

Four Loaded

I’m going to lay out four workouts in the optimistic assumption that I’ll get to all of them.

If I don’t, I don’t, and I’ll reconfigure for the following week accordingly.

  • Workout 1: Medium Press, Light Legs, Heavy Pull
  • Workout 2: Heavy Press, Medium Legs, Light Pull
  • Workout 3: Light Press, Heavy Legs, Medium Pull
  • Workout 4: Heavy Press, Light Legs, Medium Pull

Rep Ranges

  • Heavy = Top set 3-6, total reps 6-12
  • Medium = Top set 6-10, total reps 18-30
  • Light = Total reps 40, configured however feels manageable. This is not intended to be a max fatigue effort, going for recovery work with this. I came up with this progression scheme in another post, but I’m not going to be too strict about it.
    • 1×40
    • 2×20
    • 3×14
    • 4×10
    • 5×8, then cut weight down and try for a new 40 rep set best.

At 2 or 4 workouts the workload favors Press and limits Legs, per my priorities, but at 3 workouts should be roughly balanced across the board.

Exercise Substitutions

Some workouts have alternative options, in the event of unavailable equipment or personal pussy factor limiting me that day.

Each rep range category listed should only have one exercise performed that workout.

If a substitution is an isolation movement instead of a compound, move it to the end of the workout regardless of where it appears in the workout order.

Weights are in pounds and repeated in the week under the assumption they were difficult the first time. If they weren’t, a sensible increase is allowed, 5-10 pounds or so.

Only top sets are listed in this plan to minimize clutter. Backoff sets are assumed and will be performed by best judgment during the session, within the limits described earlier. I’ll be doing individual write-ups for each workout anyway.

Workout 1

  • Medium Press: 60×10
  • Heavy Pull:
    • Deadlift 205×6
    • Chin 110×6
  • Light Legs:
    • Squat 45×40
    • Leg Curl 4(40×10)

I’m using this as my first workout for a couple of reasons:

  1. I did a Heavy/Medium Press combination day on Friday, but I think I’ve recovered enough over the weekend to get some quality rep volume in.
  2. I haven’t done a Heavy Pull day nor a Light Legs day yet, so I’d like to get some testing data in on any of the options listed.
  3. My lats are itchin’. I might even do a Medium Pull after the Heavy stuff if the motivation strikes.
    1. If I do do this it will be a Medium Chin, 90×10.

Workout 2

  • Heavy Press: 85×6
  • Medium Legs: Squat 135×10
  • Light Pull: Pulldown 25×40

I need at least one Heavy Press session per week, and having it follow a lighter Press day will help me feel primed for the effort.

The light pull will be valuable for recovery, especially if I go through with doing a Heavy/Medium Pull combo on Monday.

The Medium Legs is the most daunting-looking thing on this day, I’m not entirely confident I’ll even get 10 at 135, it’s just something a calculator spit out for me based on my estimated 1-rep max. I’ll just do the best I can.

Workout 3

  • Light Press: 45 for 40 total reps
  • Heavy Legs:
    • Squat 165×6
    • Deadlift 205×6
  • Medium Pull: Chin 90×10

Heavy Squatting or Deadlifting after the Medium Squatting might not be the best idea if these days are back-to-back, but I’m anticipating at least one day of rest between Workout 2 and 3, so I think I’ll be recovered enough. I’m not sure if I’m going to want to Deadlift twice in one week, but in case I don’t even get platform access on Monday, this is a suitable backup option in my opinion.

The parameters for the other two lifts are just sort of a balancing act. If I complete these three workouts I’ll have paid equivalent attention to what’s important to me.

Workout 4

  • Heavy Press: 85×6
  • Light Legs:
    • Squat 45×40
    • Leg Curl 4(40×10)
    • Calves 4(45×10)
  • Medium Pull: Pendlay Row 95×10

This is an “extra credit” workout in terms of intensity prioritization. I care the most about getting stronger at the Press and the least about improving my legs, because I have a bottom-heavy physique.

Because this workout probably has to come the day after Workout 3 if I’m going to do it and the loading parameters for the Pull are the same, I changed the plane of movement. If I Deadlift in W3, I’ll probably want to do a chest-supported T-bar row on this day instead.