I will say immediately: the average twitch viewer has become incredibly more positive. People apologize or leave immediately if they offend me, and that is a truly incredible thing. It inspires me to be more pleasant to them, when they are rarely ever the same people, and that really surprised me. More than anything else.

I’ve streamed nearly 40 hours in the past two weeks, across four streams. Two streams over 11 hours long. Lots of host love from dreadsss and squidemic particularly, which is great, as I genuinely enjoy watching both of their streams and it feels like an honor to be recognized by them.

My enjoyment of the classes in Hearthstone Arena has changed immensely as well. I’ve always been bad at Mage and that hasn’t changed, but I’m more open to playing almost any class now. Shaman has plummeted to the very bottom of the list in terms of what I’d like to play.

I remember when I was streaming towards the end of Goblins vs Gnomes, I had a desire to play “honorable” classes. Mage was the best class, mage was scum, I didn’t play mage. I feel like I hobbled myself because now the “usually best” or “safest” class is a liability pick for me. I perform embarrassingly poorly with the class that supposedly holds everyone’s hands.

I was trying to do some combination of being a low-tier god (but not him specifically) as well as having some fluff-related answer for my class choices. So I liked to play warlock, but I’d say I didn’t like to play “heresy” classes, so I didn’t play Mage, Druid, Warlock, or Shaman. I literally did play them, except mage, but I said I didn’t because it was fun for me to group classes. I was really bad with Rogue, in terms of obviously misplaying many turns because I forgot about combo effects or something, but I would play it over mage anyway.

I read something about why the class pairings in the original set of quests having some unspoken logic behind them. Rogue and Druid were paired because they were the stealthiest, Paladin and Priest because they follow the light, Paladin and Warrior because they wore plate armor, and so on.

I forgot about all of this until I was asked what my favorite classes are now, and it turns out that my tiers of favoritism still kind of line up with that old method.

  1. Rogue, Hunter
  2. Warrior
  3. Warlock, Druid
  4. Priest
  5. Paladin, Mage
  6. Shaman

I generally avoided Paladin back in the GvG days because it was a top-performing class at the time, but it and Priest would be suitable options if I wasn’t offered a “non-heresy” class because they followed the Light path.

But now these are just generally what I have enjoyed playing in the present, 7.1 Patch, meta. I have a blast playing Rogue and Hunter and generally just pick one or the other based on what I played most recently so that I alternate between them. Shaman just feels clunky and annoying to play, but I know it’s one of the better classes according to better players.

I suppose there might be some bias with my top three classes because they’re also my best performing classes so far. Rogue with a 55% winrate, Warrior with 54%, and Hunter with 53% (tied with Mage but with twice as many games recorded.)