It really bothers me that my first console was the Genesis, just because of the pun.

Streaming order:

  1. Black Desert Online (paid too much to stop playing this)
  2. Hearthstone Arena (bread and butter, decent audience I guess)
  3. Steam Reviews (ugh)
  4. Faeria (another overpay)
  5. EMULATION (this post)

So I haven’t been streaming enough because BDO is too boring to play on stream, and I’m absolutely right about that. I still gotta get my dailies done though, and if I’m not going to be guilted by my stream into playing something interesting, what’s the point of having a stream?

Arena is pretty much what I started streaming with, a year ago or so. I have a reasonably solid handle on the game and the meta is interesting again, so this is sort of my default option for something to stream.

I keep getting fucking awful games to review on Steam. This is the most painful and work-like thing I can stream. Mostly because editing it afterward is a nightmare (somehow the shit really likes desyncing.)

I really should also play Faeria since I bought the full collection of cards with donation money. Whoops.


  • The Adventures of Batman and Robin [MOM]
  • Alisia Dragoon [CUZ]
  • Altered Beast [CUZ]
  • Atomic Runner [REC]
  • BattleTech [CUZ]
  • Beyond Oasis [REC]
  • Bubblegum Crisis [REC]
  • Buck Rogers [REC]
  • Castle of Illusion [MOM]
  • Castlevania Bloodlines [CUZ]
  • Chakan [CUZ]
  • Contra Hard Corps [POP]
  • Demolition Man [POP]
  • Desert Demolition [MOM]
  • Dinosaurs for Hire [CUZ]
  • Earthworm Jim 2 [POP]
  • Elemental Master [REC]
  • Eliminate Down [REC]
  • Empire of Steel [REC]
  • Gaiares [REC]
  • Gain Ground [CUZ]
  • Garfield [MOM]
  • General Chaos [CUZ]
  • Golden Axe [ARC]
  • Gunstar Heroes [POP]
  • Haunting Starring Polterguy [MOM]
  • Herzog Zwei [REC]
  • High Seas Havoc [MOM]
  • Jungle Book [MOM]
  • Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World [MOM]
  • Kid Chameleon [CUZ]
  • Landstalker [REC]
  • Langrisser II [REC]
  • Light Crusader [REC]
  • The Lost Vikings [CUZ]
  • Mamono Hunter Yohko [REC]
  • Marvel Land [REC]
  • Maui Mallard [MOM]
  • McDonald’s Treasure Island [MOM]
  • Mega Turrican [CUZ]
  • Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker [POP]
  • Monster World IV [REC]
  • Mutant League Football [REC]
  • Mutant League Hockey [CUZ]
  • OutRun [ARC]
  • OutRun 2019 [REC]
  • Phantasy Star II [REC]
  • Phantasy Star III [REC]
  • Phantasy Star IV [REC]
  • Phelios [REC]
  • Pirates of the Dark Water [MOM]
  • Pulseman [REC]
  • The Punisher [CUZ]
  • Quackshot [MOM]
  • Ranger-X [CUZ]
  • Revenge of Shinobi [POP]
  • Ristar [MOM]
  • Rocket Knight Adventures [CUZ]
  • Rolo to the Rescue [MOM]
  • Sagaia [REC]
  • Shadow Dancer [POP]
  • Shadowrun [CUZ]
  • Shining in the Darkness [REC]
  • Shinobi III [POP]
  • Snow Bros [REC]
  • Socket [REC]
  • Sol-Deace [REC]
  • Sparkster [REC]
  • Splatterhouse 2 [POP]
  • Splatterhouse 3 [POP]
  • Star Trek TNG Echoes [REC]
  • Slyvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers [REC]
  • Taz in Escape from Mars [MOM]
  • TMNT The Hyperstone Heist [ARC]
  • Tiny Toon Adventures [POP]
  • Tougiou King Colossus [REC]
  • True Lies [CUZ]
  • Twinkle Tale [REC]
  • Valis III [REC]
  • Vectorman [REC]
  • Vectorman 2 [REC]
  • Warsong [REC]
  • Wonder Boy in Monster World [REC]
  • World of Illusion [MOM]
  • X-men 2 Clone Wars [MOM]
  • Zero Tolerance [CUZ]
  • Zero Wing [POP]

I’ll probably do the review treatment on these suckers for the first pass: 37.5 minutes per and eliminate down to games I really enjoy.