it was a paladin


I achieved my first 12-win Arena today.

As with all accomplishments in my life, allow me to reduce the shit out of it so it doesn’t sound like that much of an achievement any more.

lol sux

  • Mage
    • incidentally, both games that were lost were lost to Mage, but I was afk for one of them.
  • An expansion was just released. Kids tryna Jugioh they lil hartz out.
  • I curved out enormously well almost every game.
    napalm sticks to kids

    napalm sticks to kids

  • I didn’t sit and play all the way through the run. I took a bunch of breaks, which never would have happened if I had been streaming.
    • 14:01-16:13
    • …Actually this isn’t THAT long. My runs typically take about an hour, so each individual game here was probably executed very quickly compared to my typical playstyle.  I don’t think any particular game took longer than 10 minutes.
    • Historically I take at least 15 minutes per game, very usually more.
  • In the vein of not streaming, I wasn’t distracted by the nega-tits of the internet.
    • So I guess over there that means the games were at like 7-9AM or something. I should quit now because all the hardcore NEETs are surely fully awake soon. Most of the streamers over there are up by now, anyway. Don’t want to have to deal with cherrywarrior…

So yeah, not that impressive. I received predictably unimpressive rewards.

look at all that dust (approx. 250)

look at all that dust (approx. 250)

Opponent Composition

  • 6 Mages
  • 5 Paladins
  • 1 Warlock (penultimate boss)
  • 1 Shaman (third match)
  • 1 Priest (second match)
  • 0 Warriors