Day’s Report – July 28, 2017

Jul 28, 2017 | | Say something

00:00-05:00 = Questing

I really hate the Hearthstone quest system. Let me re-roll your story quests I don’t care about, bastards.

05:26-14:38 = Sleep AF

I didn’t finish all of my quests because I was just too damn tired. RetroGold was also too soothing of a streamer for me, I had to crash.

I woke up around 11:00 just to use the bathroom and take my medications. I missed a phone call and a text that came about half an hour later, inviting me to see an exhibit.

Thankfully I managed to not blame the person (“you shoulda told me yesterday blah blah”) because she was trying to just have a nice time with me and it was definitely my fault for deciding that sleeping in today would be fine.

We made plans to go out for some wine later in the evening.

15:15-16:55 = StrongLifts

I couldn’t finish my workout today.

  • had to grind out the last two sets of Squats (I felt my left knee cave in on the fourth set).
  • felt kinda vomity halfway through my Bench sets
  • finished Bench, no missed reps, Olympic platform was taken
    • used this as an excuse to not do my rows
    • my back itches now like my body wishes I’d done them anyway
  • tried to do lateral raises but after failing my first set I gave up
    • I should do fewer sets of these (3 instead of 5)
    • I think 12 reps is probably too many per set (maybe 5-8 would be better?)

I forgot my body razor again. Took me a long time to shave everything. I shave my sideburns now, I think it looks better. I’ll ask her for her opinion, or just see if she notices at all.

17:07-18:11 = Waiting

My sippy date isn’t until 19:00, so I’m listening to podcasts and getting some writing done. I’m also trying to get these Hearthstone quests cleared up so I can stream later.

I want to try to stream “until tired” and then take a nap before work. I feel like these evening late-starts are too much of an excuses and are preventing me from streaming as often as I should.

I think my streaming schedule should be descriptive of habits rather than prescriptive of habits I wish I could form.

18:21-06:20 = Blues Power

Knocked on my window, quick swig of water.

Target, Walmart


Ambro Sangiovese-Montepulcia (Marche, Italy)

Out. Zinfandel then. Intensely-named Cabernet after.

I want to take a picture of the menu so I don’t forget the wines offered.

She takes pictures of the drinks. I am distracted, forget to take menu photo before it is whisked away.

She assures me the wines are on the site. It turns out they are not.

She had:

  1. Zolo Malbec
  2. Oregon Trails Red

Walk downtown.

Music festival occurring.

Stop in a bar, band sounds like Tom Waits covering songs by Tom Petty.

She treats me to a Moscow Mule.

I say I’ve never had one, but I discover I’m wrong when I receive the drink.

I don’t correct myself. It’s refreshing.

She’s never witnessed this kind of socializing. I enjoy her reactions.

More walking.

Back to the bar because I hear “Mr Mojo Rising.” It’s her song.

Last full song stated as “being for the 90’s kids out there.”

She doesn’t recognize the song. It’s Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry.

If this were a movie and it were about to become tragic, the scene is perfect.

She asks me if it’s okay that she go compliment the fiddle player. I have no problem with it.

We smoke in her car.

She sings.

I’m taken home.

We lie in my bed and ruin the mood talking about the past.

I send her home when I realize I have work in an hour.

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