Day’s Report – July 26, 2017

Jul 27, 2017 | | Say something

I’m writing this on July 27, no timecodes.

I spent most of Wednesday watching Making a Murderer, and trying to set up my mom’s laptop for streaming. I made a huge error in not looking at the audio jack of the laptop before doing all the finagling necessary to get the stream to work in a software capacity.

The internet connection at my mom’s house:

  • wifi
  • 800kbps at best

This would mean a 360p stream at 25fps. Her laptop was a 4-core AMD maroon example of technological desperation that couldn’t handle scrolling text in my xsplit scene for Hearthstone. Deck Tracker took up too much RAM to be usable, and I couldn’t capture the overlay whatsoever.

I went to Walmart to retrieve a splitter for my headset that would allow me to use its microphone. It didn’t work because I didn’t understand how splitters for a combo jack are supposed to work: three rings on the male end of the plug, not two. Two just means two sets of headphones can listen to the same source.

My iPhone earbuds have the three rings and the microphone, objectively speaking, did work. Subjectively though the grainy texture of the voice from that microphone combined with the stuttering, choppy, low resolution of the stream discouraged me from wanting to try to stream.

Fortunately I was fucking exhausted after all that headache and hot temperature (laptop, on lap, and I may not have mentioned the lack of air conditioning where my mom lives) so I showered.

After my shower, my mom’s boyfriend had gone to bed and she was watching The Bachelorette. I watched two episodes of that with her (Eric seems naive and sweet, Bryan seems too good to be true, and Peter seems like a dull option between them who should be easy enough to eliminate) and watched a few more episodes of Making a Murderer before finally passing out.

I believe I finished the fifth episode before I checked out for the night.

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