Day’s Report – July 25, 2017

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I’m writing this on Thursday, July 27. I don’t have timecodes.

After my stream I spend about two hours in bed. My mom was coming to pick me up and I didn’t want to fall asleep in the car. She called me twice while I was trying to sleep, but I still managed to sleep well enough.

I dislike being woken up. I don’t know anybody who feels gratitude for being woken up unless they were about to miss an opportunity to make a lot of money, get laid, or evade police.

I particularly dislike being touched when awoken, so that’s why I tried to get the power nap in before pick-up. Otherwise I’d have recurrent shoulder-jostling which invariably leads to neck pain and agitated responses from me.

I need the experience to go well enough that another visit isn’t immediately necessary. I want to have more time for streaming, uninterrupted, in the future.

Satisfy the itch for acceptance, as it were.

Retrieved from McDonald’s: fish sandwich for her, shared fries, large Diet Coke for me. On to her bank, where I was made beneficiary, and then bought grocery supplies for my three-day visit:

  • string cheese
  • Captain Crunch Just Berries and Cinnamon Toast Crunch bars (both on deep discount in the “damaged” section)
  • four 12-packs of Coke (two normal Diet, one Diet Lime, one Zero Vanilla)
  • large bag of Boom-Chicka-Pop kettle corn (the lavender-colored one)

We ordered a pizza that night and watched some True Crime productions on Netflix while her boyfriend was at work, and then later left again to play cards for the night. We started and gave up on a number of dull documentaries that seems to point to an inconclusive resolution.

I was particularly disappointed by watching the entirety of a Jack the Ripper documentary which resolved exactly nothing: if you already thought it was Deeming, great, but it investigated no other suspects. It felt like an amateur’s approximation of a Forensic Files episode, stretched on for far too long.

The pizza delivered ended up not being our order, but we took it anyway. Free fried chicken: kthxbai.

The H.H. Holmes documentary was interesting though I was definitely left wanting more. For a “reign of terror” to seem like it was over so soon, and to have more attention brought to his trial than his deeds, I feel like I learned more about justice and public opinion at that time than I learned anything about “Holmes.”

I finally got around to watching 10 Cloverfield Lane. I’d avoided it for a long time because I’d heard nothing but negative things about the movie: If you liked Cloverfield (2008), which I did, this movie has nothing to do with it. There’s no monsters like the first film. It’s predominantly talking heads in a room for most of the film.

I really fucking liked 10 Cloverfield Lane.

I am disappointed that their opinions dissuaded me from watching it because, while accurate, what they actually did was prime me for watching the movie in a properly twisty way:

  • I was willing to believe there wouldn’t be monsters at all
  • I was disarmed from believing the actors’ performances would be any good
  • I was sensitive to looking for comparisons to the 2008 films because I wanted to feel like I was more perceptive than the dumbasses who thought this was a bad flick

After that I decided to get started watching Making a Murderer, which a particularly sexy lady (not my mom, you degenerate) recommended to me months ago but which I put off until now because late-summer is just when I tend to be interested in shows about crime.

I watched The Wire the first time in late summer, 2013, too.

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