Day’s Report – August 4, 2017

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Starting on Thursday Night

22:22 = Very Ready?

I decided around 20:00 that I would definitely stream, despite completely missing my usual Thursday long-stream. Using a text message I sent to a friend as a guideline, 20:18 would be the most accurate estimate as to when I started to mentally prepare. The lights are not on yet, software is not running. I have not picked a tweet image. It takes me two hours to just muster the courage, you might say.

22:34 = Test and Download

I test my blood. 229mg/dL. This is high. I feel more comfortable around 180-200 though, particularly if I know I am not going to be eating any time soon (streaming is usually a fine fasting opportunity.)

Logistically not prepared to stream. My music is not ready. Acquiring a Super Eurobeat playlist that is about an hour of music per album.

23:51 = Earnest Setup

I am still sick at this point. I was writing my logs on paper and wrote something that appears to say:

cauniling game

Which I have no idea the meaning of as I write this now. I write that I am distracted by my homepage, which is an indexed list of games presently being streamed to a large audience across few streamers. Of these games, these leap out to me as having stream potential for me. This basically means I just am interested and able to stream them:

  • Star Citizen
  • Life is Strange
  • Ocarina of Time
  • The Evil Within
  • Cities Skylines
  • Wind Waker
  • GTA IV
  • Banjo Kazooie
  • Morrowind
  • Battle for Bikini Bottom
  • Jak 3
  • Overcooked
  • MXM (a MOBA, like League of Legends, featuring characters from Blade & Soul and City of Heroes)

00:24 = Stream Begins

I managed to start with some viewers too! I think they were from another Hearthstone Arena streamer (sunny taters? I will look it up when I get home and link him properly.)

I got some bit donations: some for following some other streamers, and 50 from a_isherwood

Isherwood is surprisingly supportive. I do not mean this in a isherwood is such a jerk manner, but just that I see myself as a zebrahoedown quality arena player… and Isher is much more critical of his play. Perhaps I am working harder to realize my potential, and because that seems to be how Isher plays as well, maybe there is more sympathy for my effort even when my results are not special.

I would like to look at my chat logs and call out some of these people here. I am really grateful for such a friendly start to my stream.

8-3 Paladin (I will only report legitimate wins on this blog, not event-padded wins.)

One viewer particularly mentions some of the matches that went particularly well which I should save for YouTube.

02:00 = Cheese Sandwich

I do not like eating on stream. Either I have low blood sugar or someone brings me food for free that does not reheat well. The latter occurred. You do not reheat grilled cheese sandwiches.

06:27 = Wildfuckman

Mirror matchup: Malchezaar Paladin! I won. Probably also worthy of an uploaded highlight, but the run itself does not go well.

07:33 = End on Salt

Okay, if I misplay because I think one card is another card IN MY HAND because of the card art… I am tilted. This tilt poisons the rest of my game decisions.

The stream lasted 7 hours and 9 minutes. I host RetroGold, and prepare to go to the gym. It is his two-year Twitchiversary, and he synced up with my streaming off-slot such that he actually started after me instead of before me like he usually does.

Being frustrated usually translates to good lifts.

I spent a few minutes in Ratsmah chat as he starts his stream. He does not acknowledge me so I do not come back today.

08:05 = StrongLifts

During my Wednesday workout, I believed my fever had just broke, but my knees were incredibly tender.  I simply performed my Squats warm-up and did my best with the rest.

Since squatting is the only move I do every workout, that is the only one I see the effect of Wednesday on: I was prescribed a 190lbs. squat on Wednesday. Friday? 155lbs.

This is a huge blow to my ego but I resolve to simply go for it as I listen to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast. I finish it and my squats, satisfied. The app calculated the exact proper limit for my squats and I am amazed. I could not have done another rep without external motivation and undue soreness.

I move on to another podcast, Serial, with episode 2.

Overhead presses are likewise just right. I decide that I am only going to do deadlifts in Singles, I just really dislike the degradation of form across a longer set and I much prefer continued maximal strength progress.

I just want to note here that the app does not let me set Deadlifts to 1×1 or 5×1. I am just doing 1×1 or 2×1, mixed grip. If I do 2×1 it is to alternate my grip.

I mentioned before that at some point my Squat would stall and my Deadlift would pull ahead of it. Well, today was that day, even though it was because I had to so aggressively de-load my Squat.

10:15 = Post-Workout Meal

Workouts do an amazing job of spoiling my appetite. I have read from a lot of trustworthy (grumpy old guard style) trainers inform me that if you cannot see your abs you have not earned post-workout carbs. Habits are hard to break, and I am good enough about shaming myself for what I do not deserve most of the time.

But I am taking advantage of partitioning, damn it all.

  • Slice of doughnut (roommate does not finish his for breakfast usually, set it aside for me)
  • Small portion of doritos (bottom-bag bits and pieces)
  • 330g of chocolate milk

I do actually weigh everything, but that amount of milk sticks in my memory because I use the same tumbler for it and fill it to the same level every time. I just have that weight internalized, now.

I hang out with RetroGold until the end of his stream. I donate to him because he calls to chat to

pray for the retarded

because of his misplays. I say

I do not pray, but I will pay for the care of the retarded.

and get a positively delightful reaction from the man.

I am the only one who goes along with him in a timely fashion for the isherwood raid, bringing my twitch experience for the day full circle.

13:30 – 18:05 = Nap

I talked with RetroGold privately before I went to sleep. I am not going to expose his personal details here, but finding out he has family in the town I live and that it is reasonable for us to hang out in person some time was a really cool thing to find out.

I pass out mid-conversation, like a boss.

18:05 – 02:16 = Weeb Hours of the Night

I spend most of the night alternating between three activities:

  1. Popping into streams that I get live notifications for. I just like to say hello and keep the streamer company until their audience gets rolling.
  2. Language study.
    1. Swedish practice in DuoLingo
    2. Looking at Japanese resources
  3. I deleted all my Anime backlog to start fresh.
    1. Bakemonogatari
    2. Mahoutsukai no Yome

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