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Mar 22, 2018 | | Say something

If you don’t currently have any cryptocurrency, you can get started through this referral link. It will give us both $10 of free bitcoin (BTC) once you’ve bought or sold $100 worth of bitcoin.

My preference is to have the majority of my holdings in bitcoin. If you don’t know what to send me and don’t want to think too hard about it, bitcoin is the way to go.

Sending me bitcoin is absolutely the best way to support me, regardless of the price it is at when you send it to me.

Here are my current wallet addresses for accepting cryptocurrency:

BTC: 3PZZa8RrtTxraecmkidc3iq2c3zsmeKVCp
ETH: 0x316a12e575b27cadae8525Fbed81bfDabeE06359
BCH: qz50n0qzjq94pwnt5dc7tvdwvsl6fs3a3yph9nwgwg

In twitch chat, if you ever need the address for a specific currency wallet, use the three-letter code for it with an exclamation mark:

BTC = !btc
LTC = !ltc
ETH = !eth
BCH = !bch

If there is not a bot command for the currency, I do not have a wallet for it. Simply tell me in chat, or on twitter, if you would like to tip me using some other crypto, and I’ll set up an address to receive it. Please understand that there are currently no good options for on-stream alerts for crypto, probably due to technical limitations.

The command to see the link for this page is !wallet

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