I quietly launched my gaming youtube channel today, and noticed something distressing: I can’t have my own URL.

I even paid the roughly $5 for the domain you’re now reading this blog on. I didn’t want this domain nor this blog, but it had to be done, for the sake of the channel. If I had known this would be the case, I wouldn’t have spent the money.

Spoiler alert for the title. Don’t look back up at it if you don’t want to know what the channel url is before you review the list of options below:

  • bashfoalLP
  • bashfoalgames
  • bashfoalgaming
  • bashfoalvidya
  • bashfoalplays

That was the exact order of my imaginative limit. The middle three were never really options, more like a consequence of having looked at too many “oh and I play games on my other channel!” brands.

I’m not so much into that. I like separate identities. I don’t pretend I’m wearing a pork pie hat when I’m wearing a fedora (nor would I pretend I’m wearing a fedora when I’m wearing a trilby, but I would never wear one of those, I’m fully beyond my teen years.)

I liked bashfoalLP because it’s both elements of my channel’s heart. Bashfoal, me, and LP, what I do. I don’t like it because it repeats a character: L. That’s too easy to mistype. My target audience doesn’t have the dexterity for that.

bashfoalplays solves that, but it introduces the problem of too many characters (which is why the middle three were never seriously considered.)

That last paragraph illustrates another issue I had with the URL they gave me: they capitalized it. I didn’t want a capitalized name. This is just sheer nitpickery on my part. I personally feel no gaming handle should ever be capitalized (or, further, that any capital letter be involved at all.) xXx420NoScopexXx, I’m looking at you.)

Finally, they added /c/, which is just another three characters to contend with as far as I’m concerned:


Look at that garbage.

If I’d not already paid the five buckaroonies to purchase THIS domain I’d have not bothered at all and decided to use my old channel. No /c/, no capital letters. But then again I’ve already registered all my gamer handles I’m likely to use with “bashfoal,” so…

…I guess I’m stuck.

In the “shoulda coulda” category, I could have and should have purchased this domain earlier. I don’t know how recent their name-setting policy changed, but man, it sure does suck.

On the other hand, making the videos sure is no sweat. I made three in a sitting, but I’m going to keep to releasing only one video per day so that I can hopefully establish a healthy backlog.