I don’t know how the otherĀ  channels do it.

That is, running multiple “Let’s Play” series at the same time. Even with my new computer, editing/rendering/uploading takes long enough that I’m not sure I could fit more than one play in per day. I’m burned out by the time I’ve got a video uploaded.

FTL particularly, a single run feels like I’ve been playing for four hours straight. To many gamers that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’m a filthy casual. I guess I could be getting multiple episodes out a play-through that way. Even so, I can’t save my play and come back. I’m just stopping recording and leaving the game free to crash while I’m away. That would suck.

Hearthstone Arena is a little better, since I can log out and come back and play the rest of my games. But there’s still so much footage there that I don’t know if I even have the space on a hard drive to have the raw footage from more than one game on the drive I’ve dedicated to storing that stuff.

I really think it’s just a matter of better managing my workflow. Realizing the two games I play look fine at 720p instead of rendering 1080p certainly has saved a lot of time, but for more visually-impressive games I’m going to want to show that off to the viewers.

Also, I’m maligning the heck out of my headset mic. I’m happy to have a headset (it was a freebie from a lady I house-sat for a few months back) because I just need enclosed ears to be able to feel “in” my game… but I can’t get a good audio file from my voice. A lot of that has to do with my voice, sure, there’s not a lot of bass in it to begin with.

But this mic is just giving me a lot of treble, and I hate it.

I’m buying a new one.