F3AR – First 3 Arena Runs

I noticed that the first two or three runs of any stream tend to go horribly.

I attribute this to not doing any warm-up games before stream. I don’t do warm-up games off-stream because it feels like a waste of gold. Nobody’s in the stream for the first two or three hours anyway, why not just be shit?

I also attribute it to nerves. Starting a stream makes me nervous, playing the first arena makes me nervous, I’m just not comfortable doing anything yet. I think that’s why I like spelling FEAR so much for this protocol.

Incidentally, if I were to do a second and third set and move down the class tier list: SEAR and TEAR (get burned and cry.)

Dealing with F3AR

  1. Rate how much you feel like playing Arena right now, before doing or looking at anything in-game.
  2. Pick the best class on each server.
    • If Paladin, Mage, or Rogue aren’t available the preference goes in exactly this order: Druid, Hunter, Priest, Warlock, Shaman, Warrior.
  3. Draft and assess how excited you are to play each deck, independent of other ratings.
    • Notation: Server – Class – Time at end of draft – Rating – Reason (maybe on the next line of notepad)
  4. Compare all three decks, side-by-side.
  5. Play order: most powerful, least powerful, middle power.
    • Personal note: never have the first run be Rogue or Shaman. Ordering is more important to these classes, and I’m sleepy.
  6. Play notes: use RUM Time.

Often the middle power deck has the most “fun” thing going on, whereas the least powerful deck will just be a grind.

Save the fun as a reward for the end of the set, rather than dreading having to play a crappy deck the entire time.

I start with the strongest deck to hopefully offset my worsened play for that run. Kind of the whole point of the protocol.

The lowest wins server gets eliminated, and then I repeat the process for the remaining two. From there I have the server I will continue to play on for the rest of the stream, and around the time people start showing up and BabyRage because my decklist isn’t working.

INVESTIGATE: Should I compare server scores to each other, or to the leaderboard average of the previous month? Should I actually play where the gamesĀ felt easiest even if I didn’t do the best there?

A side-benefit to this is that I review decks multiple times before starting a run. Hopefully, then, by the time I’m doing individual runs I should be more… absorbent.

Relevant Commands

  • !f3ar
    • output: “First 3 Arena Runa – [link to this post]”
    • remember to put “!f3ar -” at the beginning of the stream title to indicate when this is happening.
  • !3decks
    • outputs a link to the imgur album that will show all three decks.
    • in a compilation image, server order should be: Asia, N. America, Europe. Otherwise individual screenshots should have their imgur title be the server the deck was drafted on.
    • if willing: include score and sentiment.