Amazon Affiliate

I decided to give Amazon Affiliate another hack since deciding to make more of an effort to stream and less of an effort to jizz in buttholes that aren’t mine.

Here’s what happens when you click an Affiliate’s link:

  1. Your browser launches the amazon page
  2. All the prices are what they would charge anyway
  3. The Affiliate receives a commission based on what you purchase

Please note that if you do not live in the US, UK, or Canada, I cannot receive affiliate income from your purchases. Sorry :(

The “!command” after each link is the command that will work in chat to display the link, should you feel so inclined to answer a new chat-goer who asks about my goodies.

Generic Link – !amazon

What’s that? You don’t give a damn what I use? You just wanna get your shopping done and let Amazon kick me a little piece of that action without any cost to you? Beautiful and sensible, my friend.

Amazon Coins – !amacoins

If you use Amazon Coins to purchase packs on Hearthstone (not judgment for playing constructed, live your life.) Additionally, if you buy any digital items (say you have a Kindle, or play other games), I cannot build links to point at those purchases. If you buy Amazon Coins, though, then I can.

It’s like working at a gas station and applying a coupon to a gift card purchase, so someone can buy cheaper cigarettes with the gift card.

Streaming PC – !pc

The core components of the machine that makes streaming possible for me. Unplug external cables and that’s everything on this list.

Streaming Peripherals – !toys

My nice monitor, microphone, cameras, green screen, fight stick, and assorted other gadgets which are not as commonly thought about as being necessary.

Supplements – !sup

I seldom discuss my health habits on stream, but this is the core “set” of supplements that I consider taking every day and would recommend to others. Except primrose oil.

Miscellaneous – !misc

These are simply products which I feel contribute massive gains to quality of life for relatively minimal cost.