My streaming setup is finally complete!

Yesterday, my webcam was delivered to me. After a few hours of tinkering (including the repurposing of a spotting tripod) I was able to satisfy myself. You know what I mean.

The only thing about my stream layout that’s kinda lousy is that it’s difficult to decide how I want to fit a decklist into it. Looking at the thumbnail right now, the only really acceptable solutions are either:

  1. Space the “Donation” tabs higher and lower and fit the decklist betwixt them.
  2. Move my camera down, covering the mana crystals (there’s a numbered counter RIGHT THERE, and I’m never going to play shaman anyway.)

I used the term “acceptable” loosely. The Donation tabs are place PIXEL PERFECT alongside the in-game UI. If the END TURN button were not there, I’d place the camera dead center on the right. At the same time, being on either top or bottom third doesn’t bother me either.

If you’ll look, the Donation tabs ARE where the third divisions occur. That’s actually part of what makes this game’s UI so clean despite how complex it is. The noisiest static images are plotted near rule-of-third intersections.

I was tempted to put my cam in the right upper, along the same vertical it is currently. But the way my camera is set up presently, my face points to the part of the frame that everyone should be looking at anyway. Happy accident.

While I’m unhappy with moving my face, those Donation tabs took way longer to place than the camera did, and would require even more work (everything is on its own layer in photoshop, and then the live parts of each tab require relocating in OBS as well) to reposition… for an effect I’m unhappy with and is purely utilitarian.

On the other hand, while moving the camera down kinda sucks, I’m about equally unhappy with that change and it requires less work. Meaning I’ll get the end result I’m looking for AND I’m more likely to actually do it.

You’ll notice at the bottom left I have my “Deck Name” or something like that. This is really only useful in Constructed. In this case it’s referring to the deck I’m usually using to farm the free gold in Play Mode. I could have that deck list linked in my stream or youtube description pretty readily. That was my original conceit for dealing with the layout issue I’ve been waxing on about so far.

However, that’s not a huge asset in Arena. Ideally, I will be playing a LOT of Arena and having to link to each run’s deck list is going to be hugely clunky. It depends too much on outside information (or it too FREQUENTLY does, I should say) and I don’t like that. It doesn’t account for the possibility of watching the stream or VOD after the fact on sources that are not within my control. It makes discussing my terrible play on reddit oh-so-much harder. Poor you.

I care about you too much to do you like that.

I’ll still keep that lower-left tab, but I think in Arena I’ll do something like naming the archetype I’m playing instead. So a new viewer can come in and see that I’m playing this deck, and without having to do any heavy mental lifting on their own, can see how I’m trying to play that deck.

I’m not a good Hearthstone player. I will more than likely mislabel my own decks. I will probably think I have an Aggro deck when I really have Aggro-Control or Midrange or something like that. GOOD. If you can determine that, then you’ll know why I’m losing so much. Mention it in chat, ass!

(I won’t mute you for it, either, I want to know.)

But let me segue into the final hangup of this setup:

Ideally, I will be playing a LOT of Arena

This is sort of a problem right now, as I’m not even close to being good enough to Going Infinite. But I need practice if I’m going to ever BE going infinite, right? How do I solve this?

My initial idea: play all the accounts available to me.

Because I don’t want to burn out, I’m going to play a minimum of 3 runs per stream. An average run takes about 90 minutes for me to complete, so it will likely end up being about five hours of streaming. The more I win, the longer a run takes, the fewer times per stream I’ll have to pay the 150 gold entrance fee.

By the time I’m winning like that, I’ll have built up my endurance and will be able to stream for longer periods of time, also. So that’s why I decided on a sort of “part timer” streaming regimen. It will organically creep towards full time as I get better. As I get better, ideally, more people will want to watch me, too.

I hope he has corn!

I hope he has corn!

But that’s all soothsaying. Let’s get back to facts.

150 gold x 3 runs per day x 7 days per week = 3150 gold.

So my first week of streaming I have to not only have 3150 gold available (I have less than a tenth of that currently) but then MAKE THAT MUCH BACK before the end of the week so I can continue streaming arena runs.

Pretty much impossible for me unless I start going infinite within the first week. Seems unlikely to me, I dunno. Not a risk worth taking if I have to save up for that long.

Worth noting: Assuming no lucky rerolls, this would take 79 weeks of daily quests, or about a year and a half. This assumes I have no gold to start with.

OK, but wait, I have 3 servers to play on on my current account.

3150 / 3 = 1050 gold per week on each account.

That’s down to 27 weeks of daily questing.

3150 / 6 = 525 gold per week on each account.

Now it’s 14 weeks.

The returns are diminishing with each account, and of course there’s a real-life time limit on all of these as well. Because I do have to actually complete those quests. Six quests per day on top of the arena run.

I don’t have any stats on how long I usually take for me to complete quests, either, but I should do that.

Bash Main

America: 330

Europe: 430

Asia: 250

Right now I’m working on my alt, but when they’re all set up I have to get back to my Mainasian account to finish up the newbie quests and get that delicious bonus gold.

I also have two free arenas in those accounts, but those aren’t worth considering as part of a long-term strategy anyway. It just means I could potentially start sooner, but I’m trying establish good habits here.

Aside: God I hate the tutorial.

So far Europe is the closest to hitting goal gold. America had it a couple of days ago but I blew it on marathoning Arena runs one day just to see if I could stay awake that long. I can, and my play suffered hard.