Determining a stream schedule can be a bit of a struggle.

  • I have two 12-hour shifts at work every weekend. It’s enormously difficult to want to wake up at midnight to get a six-hour stream in before my shifts.
  • Mondays I’m similarly fried.
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are days that I go to the gym, eat a lot, and end up having carb coma.

So Tuesdays and Thursdays seem like the best days to stream, for me.

Typically, between the two days, Thursdays just tend to be the day I go hard as fuck. Maybe I’m worried I’ll want to skip the gym for the rest of the week (I definitely try to find excuses to not go on Friday, while Monday and Wednesday I just go without thinking about it) if I have a HARD AS A MOTHERFUCKER Tuesday stream.

Peep this heat:

This reflects the days I’ve streamed this month.

Not a lot obviously because I’m fucking depressed, but it shows what I’m talking about. I tried to get a stream in on a Saturday and it wasn’t sustainable for the whole month. I streamed on Tuesday once because I was trying to test the pattern. Sure enough, on Wednesday I tried to make excuses to not go to the gym. I was exhausted, cried, yadda yadda yadda…

I also overslept for my Thursday stream. Even if I don’t have the days down I know my slot: Midnight to 6AM, with extension if I’m feeling it.

But I didn’t succumb to excuses. I’ve been overeating, and to compensate for being a fat ass I tend to be more productive. Or maybe being adequately fed means having enough energy to do things. Something like that.

So I did go to the gym and did my whole workout, and even though I missed my time slot and subsequently got sub-10 viewers for the entire stream: fuck it, I did the thing. I’m proud of it.

The entire stream was Hearthstone Arena. I’m trying to shake off the rust and be prepared for the next expansion, because I already am behind on at least three of them and I thought I might as well learn the cards.

Also, I fucking hate quests that can’t be re-rolled, so I made a day of blowing through all those shitters on all of my alternate accounts.

I’m not an infinite player, I need alts, go fuck yourself.

Look how cool Paladin thinks he is.

The image above is a visual comparison of how well the stream was doing versus how well I was playing. The class icon size is not merely how well I did, though that’s part of it as well.

I’m going to start keeping better track of my misplays, but for a simple example: the Paladin run and the second Druid run both went 7-3.

I made the Druid icon somewhat smaller because I misplayed more often and I feel like the deck had more to do with my score than my reasoning ability.

I’m not too bothered about the viewership because this is literally the opposite slot of my usual 12-to-14 hour stream on Thursday. I’m happy anyone showed up at all, really. I’m particularly happy RetroGold showed up and by his presence, blessed all future Druid runs for the stream. Praise be the elder Gold, for he is wise and pure.

If that’s a little too woo-woo for you, here are the explicit run stats

It’ll never last.

Comparative Server Stats:

Asia manufactures everything from rope to razor blades.

I’m thinking about doing individual run reviews but CHRIST does editing take forever. It’s practically an excuse to skip stream days unto itself.